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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Mr. Fugazi said...

Dá-lhe Gunga Din,
Gosto muito do teu lutador de sumo.
Acho que teria gozo em animar essa personagem!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Periera,

I really enjoy your work and am looking for an artist for an iPhone game. Email me at jacob@motionmathgames.com for more information.


Vanja Todoric said...

hey man nice to see new stuff from you, great sketches, i like the sumos very much!!! :)
how is battle on the roof coming along ???


A. Riabovitchev said...

Love All of these sketches!:o)

Gonçalo Pereira said...

Thank you guys, very appreciated.

Riabovitchev, Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

hi goncalo, good to see new stuff here ! i really love your sumo ^^ i prefer this one than the other with the robot ^^
Really good work ! keep going, see u !

Cyril Corallo