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Friday, January 28, 2011


Visitors and friends here it is a small update some character designs.
I must update this blog more often and i will
thanks for watching


serge birault said...

Brillant !

Johannes said...

awesome – love it

Gonçalo Pereira said...

Serge, Thanks man!
i´v been watching you and you just keep amazing with your stuff.

Johannes, Thank you man!

Daniel Nobre said...


Amazing! =)

Vanja Todoric said...

well well, look who finally decided to show up :P

you can't imagine the wideness of the smile on my face when i saw you updated your blog :):):)

runners are simply amazing, lots of personality in all of them!
i hope we will see more soon :)


Gonçalo Pereira said...

Daniel, obrigado!

Vanja my friend how are you,
Hope all is well and im really happy that you like them:D
Thank you Vanja and see you soon.

Vanja Todoric said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanja Todoric said...

everything is cool thx for asking, i'm currently doin' illustration for cg challenge - dream scape :)

if you want you can check out my WIP here ... http://challenge.cgsociety.org/dreamscape/entry/NJA3d/work_in_progress/2999

i could sure use your opinion :)

and what about you, how is everything?

MACBT said...


Pedro M. said...

Descobri o teu blog quando andava à procura de outro Gonçalo Pereira e fiquei impressionado. Foste instantaneamente para os meus favoritos ;) Fazes artwork para coisas ligadas à música?

Anonymous said...

awesome ! ( again ! )

Cyril Corallo

serafin p g said...

es maravilloso este trabajo!

Johan Arzuza said...

Great art here. I like your characters! Nice blog.
Nice to meet you
JOhan Arzuza

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